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    Now Blood cancer, corona and amazing body treatments in Kolkata, ‘Suryaveda’ in a relentless effort

    The calcutta mirror beauro: Many people have a lot of questions about blood cancer and its treatment. There are many misconceptions, lies, rumors. Many experts from the general public to the various subjects also want to know about the disease. This post is for all classes of people with the help of blood cancer prevention.

    What is blood cancer?
    Basically, leukemia is commonly called blood cancer. Blood cancer is cancer of the blood cell. Especially white blood cells. Blood cells are formed in our human body, in bone marrow or in osteomy. After the formation, the cells become mature and then flow into the blood.

    For some reason, if these cells are overgrown and not properly matched, it is seen that a lot of unrefined blood cells are moving around in the bloodstream. They don’t even use the body to create different kinds of symptoms. White blood cells are more susceptible.

    Why is blood cancer?
    It is difficult to specify the cause. Blood cancer can occur in the long run or genetically from generation to generation. Besides, chemicals are the cause of waste, paint factories, smoking, pesticides, etc. It can also be caused by a particular type of virus.

    These are the mutations of genes in the body’s cells, some of which are altered in the arms of the chromosome. Then some reverse signal is sent to the cell division. As a result, blood cells are produced at a large rate and they are not converted into blood vessels.

    Is the blood cancer can cause by touching?
    Not at all. It’s nothing like blood- carrying, sexual, water-borne. If you touch the patient, eat food, have a blood clot, have a physical relationship with him, it will not spread.

    Let’s find out how to get better. Besides allopathic, one of India’s own medical traditions is called The Kaviraji or Unani. Many may not believe the end of the life-long treatment, though. But if you are receiving proper life-care, you can also get rid of many complex problems.

    One such a life-long institution is sunbeda. Many have been freed from many complex diseases in the treatment of Prasanta Maiti, the renowned doctor of the organization. The 90-year-old institution was first run by his Father. According to Dr. Prasanta, “You can use the ayurvedic ‘Ayush Kathh’ to boost the immunity aginst corona. In addition, the tablet fifatrol can be used for those who have been infected with this virus . Not only to benefit from the corona, but also to free blood cancer, it is also very effective life-long treatment. “

    In this context, we contacted several patients who had been treated for the life of The Ayurvedic treatment of Dr. Prasanta Maity. One of them is Hartos Majumdar of Halisahar. He has been in the medical care of Dr. Maity for the past year. “I have been suffering from gallbladder stones and tumors for a long time. He was on a diet of allopathic medicines and he was showing up to see the doctor. They finally got me to do the operation. But this operation is very risk-a-thon that can lead to my death at the operation table. At that time, I was kind of disappointed and I contacted Dr. Prasanta Maiti.” He is now very well in his treatment for the past year.

    Dr Prasanta Maity

    Besides, the laketown resident Pravat Pal also benefited from the treatment. In the interview we gave him, he said, “I had leukemia problems. I had to report from the medical, often to be admitted to a private nursing home and to have a blood transfusion. At that time, a medical friend of mine gave me the address of the Prasanta Maiti. “

    PrasantaMaity has been taking his medicine for the last 15 years. “Now I’m not just healthy, I don’t have to change blood anymore.” said Pravat Paul. We also talked to Tapan Majumdar, who had received a medical benefit from the work of the father of The PrasantaBabu. He told us, “I have been trusting them in their life-long treatment for the last 30 years. I was very sick at that time, I was very sick, I was bleeding with my teeth, my eyes were bleeding, but I never had a fever. The doctor said that the amount of haemoglobin in my blood is also very low. I started taking life-long medications and I was perfectly healthy for 30 years. “

    You can be benefitted more from Ayurveda than homeopathy, allopathic treatment, and other medical treatments for accredited doctors. But there must be some caution. The treatment is required at registered ayurvedic uanani treatment centre like ‘Suryaveda’.

    Suryaveda Unani Clinic

    Kolkata Chamber:
    Beadon Street Nataji Subhas Sporting Club, 25B, Avedananda Road, Kolkata -06 (two Sundays in a month)

    Green Park (A Block)
    Opposite of green view apartment
    Pulse Polio Centre, Laketown, Jessore Road (12 to 2 pm on Sunday)

    Chittaranjan Milan Mandir
    Gate No 3, Bondhumahal Bus Stand, Burdwan (Sunday 7am.)

    Call for an appointment: 9830047291 (after 9:00 am)

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